Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Catch of Co-Authors

The last few days have seen a flurry of additional joint authors and co-authors for bills important to the LGBT community. Joint authors of bills have the same relationship with the bill as the member who filed it. Co-Authors are members who sign on to a bill to show their support. Since bills must be heard in committee before being debated on the floor co-authorship is the only way for members who don't happen to sit on the committee hearing the bill to officially state their support.

Bills under consideration by the 82nd Texas Legislature which have recently added co-authors:
  • HB 24 by Ryan Guillen (allowing cyber-bullies to be put in alternative school) added Raphael Anchia
  • HB 130 by Carol Alvarado (creating a state-wide bullying hotline) added Richard Pena Raymond and Raphael Anchia
  • HB 170 by Richard Pena Raymond added Raphael Anchia
  • HB 224 by Mark Strama (anti-bullying bill) added Alma Allen, Carol Alvarado, Raphael Anchia, Eric Johnson and Eddie Rodriguez
  • HB 415 by Raphael Anchia (allowing same-sex parents to receive accurate birth certificates for their children) added Armando Walle and Eddie Lucio III
  • HB 944 by Dawnna Dukes (requiring School Health Advisory Counsel to make recommendations on school bullying policies) added Elliott Naishtat
  • SB 242 by Wendy Davis (anti-bullying bill) added Leticia Van De Putte and Eddie Lucio Jr.
Don't see your reps name on a bill that's important to you? Give them a call and ask them to "co-author" the bill. You can find out who represents you HERE.

Unfortunately, HCR 110 by Paul Workman (which instructs President Obama to defend the so-called "Defense of Marriage Act") also added 4 co-authors: Gary Elkins, Dan Flynn, Phil King and Bill Zedler.

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