Monday, April 5, 2010

The Pot Calling the Kettle Butch

Desperation often brings out people’s true nature, it certainly has brought out Democrat Rep. Norma Chavez’s inner Homophobe. Chavez, the El-Paso area Rep, is in a tight primary runoff with Naomi Gonzalez.

According to the El Paso Times, at a recent Candidate forum the topic of Chavez’s support of pro-biker legislation came up (Chavez is a biker and regularly carries pro-biker legislation (yes there is such a thing as pro-biker legislation)). Apropos of nothing, Chavez attacked Gonzalez for being “A Lesbian Gay Woman”, going on to say “"I have accepted my biker community. She needs to accept her gay community."

Until now I’ve always considered Chavez a moderate ally. She voted against the Texas version of the Defense of Marriage Act, but she put a note in the record saying “I strongly support the institution of marriage and believe that our government should support efforts to strengthen this important bond between a man and a woman.” She doesn’t tend to file any good GLBT legislation, but she will occasionally co-author good legislation (such as last session’s HB 1323 – Anti-bullying legislation).

With a tight run-off it’s clear that Chavez is running scared, and bringing up sexuality as a way to attack her opponent CLEARLY shows who she is and where she stands. Insinuating that her opponent is a lesbian, and therefore unfit to serve in public office, is unforgivable. Let’s hope the people of El Paso don’t see fit to send her back to Austin.

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