Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Farrar backs marriage equality on Facebook

This post originally appeared on on February 27, 2012

Rep. Jessica Farrar
A couple of weeks ago Houstini reported that State Rep. Garnet Coleman, D-Houston, had blogged his support for marriage equality in Texas. A couple of eagle-eyed Houstini readers wanted to know why Rep. Jessica Farrar, D-Houston, who made a similar statement via Facebook last week, didn't get the same attention. Farrar took to the social media site to express her approval of the passage of marriage equality legislation in Washington state:
"I am excited that Washington can now be added to the list of marriage equality states! With Valentine's Day approaching, I vow to continue working with advocates to fight for marriage equality, same-sex partner benefits, and laws that protect all of my constituents regardless of sexual orientation." (Screen grab below)

Farrar and Coleman have long histories of supporting the LGBT community (both were among the group of only 25 Texas House members who unequivocally opposed the 2005 legislation that led to the passage of Texas' constitutional amendment banning marriage equality.) Even with that history there is a difference between opposing discriminatory legislation and publicly supporting marriage equality, and it's heartening to see both House members express their support in such a public venue.

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