Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Former Wayne Christian Staffer David White Named as Senior Policy Advisor at the Texas Comptroller

Texas Comptroller, Susan Combs, has appointed David White as her new Senior Policy Advisor. The announcement is part of a series of staff changes at Combs' office in response to the accidental on-line publishing of personal contact information for 3.5 million Texans by the Comptroller's office.

White is the former chief of staff for Rep. Wayne Christian, whose repeated attacks on LGBT campus resource centers during the 82nd legislature have reached comical proportions. White also served as the president of the Young Conservatives of Texas from 2006 to 2009. Much of Christian's impetus for attacking resource centers came from lobbying pressure by YCT, albeit not under White's leadership. Most recently White served as political director for Rick Perry's 2010 gubernatorial campaign.

Paul Burka puts it's succinctly:
These aren’t qualifications. These are connections. And you can’t fix a real problem with someone whose only qualification is his political connections. There is a one-word description for Combs, and it is CLUELESS. Here she is, with her agency and her reputation in ruins and facing gazillion-dollar lawsuits, and she hires … a political consultant. And not just any consultant, but Wayne Christian’s chief of staff. This is classic Combs. She thinks that substantive problems require political solutions.

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