Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dan Ramos Responds to Open Letter

Legislative Queery received a response from Bexar County Democratic Party Chairman Dan Ramos today to our March 18th open letter (Read LQ's Open Letter to Dan Ramos). Ramos is under fire for saying that the Stonewall Democrats were "white termites who have infiltrated the [Democratic] party much like termites infiltrate your house," comparing queer people to Nazis and for a string of racial insensitive remarks. Below is the unedited response from Ramos:
Mr Williams, first of all I want to thank you for being a loyal Democrat, and based on your relationship with your local Democratic Party I want to apologize if my words offended you, believe me if you can get your hands on an unedited tape of my conversation with the SA Current reporter. I suffered a sever accident on Sunday prior to the telephonic interview and was in sever pain, I had to go to the emergency room at two hospitals, and I was under prescribed pain medication, but I take all phone calles even if sometimes I do not feel like it as I suffer sever kidney failure (not using this as a cop out for my language). I was goaded into an argument by the unscrupulous and unprofessional reporter, this situation is not over I promise you. I was specifically asked, why do you take issue with members of the Stonewall Democrats do you not like gays, brother you do not know me and my fight for gay rights for the past 40 years, I do not have to prove my position on gay rights, I have a proven record. I do have an issue with anyone that steals from the BCDP or any crook, and the Stonewall Democrats has at least four members that should have been indicted along with Dr.Dwyane Adams, but they were not at least to this day they have not been indicted. I firmly believe that Mr Adams' new attorney will advise him to cooperate with the DA and name those that were involved in the theft, and these persons are documented as having scammed the BCDP out of its Primary Fund account for their personal use. Now they are using this organization to interfere with the legal process by erasing all BCDP computers of any incriminating evidence that clearly identifies them as thieves of the BCDP Primary funds. This is just a very brief overview of the whole picture, again thanks for your concern and mine,

Dan Ramos
BCDP Chair


  1. Was his letter not proof read before he sent it? Did he really think sending this letter would make things better for him?

  2. This bozo is operating out of the Karl Rove playbook:
    Typical Republican apology,"I'm sorry if you were offended...", implying that it was not offensive, just some people are over-sensitive.
    Then the typical Republican misdirection, "the Stonewall Democrats has at least four members that should have been indicted along with Dr.Dwyane Adams", but, of course, he failed to name anyone. The Republicans can't win a vote without being on the Boogeyman Watchtower.
    Then the poor, pitiful me: "I was goaded into an argument by the unscrupulous and unprofessional reporter". Well I haven't heard the the whole tape, but I did hear the reporter's goading. "Uh-huh". That's all he said. Chair Ramos was a runaway train spewing hate. The reporter was just letting Ramos run wild.

    Classic Karl Rove. And Ramos is a Democrat?

  3. no goading. no pressure. just dan saying what he believes.

  4. You'll be glad to know that Dan Ramos has finally been removed from office.