Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Phyllis Frye comments on Transgender Marriage Case

Phyllis Frye is a LGBT pioneer and probably the worlds preeminent expert on Transgender legal issues. She was instrumental in overturning Houston’s “Mask” law which outlawed cross-dressing and effectively made all transgender people criminals.

Any opinion she has on this matter is worth considering, so when she distributed a letter on the issue we here at Legislative Queery thought it was worth sharing (and take no small pride that she basically reiterates our take on the situation).

From the Transgender Foundation of America:

I was called about this last week by the ABC news person in El Paso. Then last
night by reporter Todd Ackerman (?) with the Houston Chronicle. He said he might
blog on it. Who knows where that might be.

Anyway, it will be

If the AG issues an opinion that is anti-Littleton, then
that is good for us. It makes it more difficult for those Repub judges who want
to follow Littleton to do so.

If the AG issues an opinion that is
pro-Littleton, then that is also good for us. It allows TGs to continue to have
"matching-genital" but "opposite legal sex" marriage which on its face remains
ridiculous and continues to keep the doors open to attack the prohibition on
same-sex marriage.

You may share this if you wish.

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