Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 112: Anti-Bullying Bill on House Floor

Today is the 112 day of 82nd regular session of the Texas Legislature. The House reconvenes at 10 am, the Senate at 11 am.

On the House's schedule for today is HB 1942 - the "super" bully bill. Introduced by Diane Patrick (R-Arlington), HB 1942 is an amalgamation of many ideas on how to fight bullying condensed into a single bill by the House Public Education Committee. Although it contains no recognition of queer students it will go a long way towards improving their lives. As the only major anti-bullying bill to make it out of House Committee this session HB 1942 is our best, and perhaps last, chance to create meaningful change this session, a similiar opportunity won't come along for two more years.

It is imperative that House members hear from constituents telling them to support HB 1942. Equality Texas has set up an easy to use e-mail generator HERE. Please contact your reps today and encourage everyone you know who cares about the well being of children to do the same.

Early efforts have already yielded results. HB 1942 picked up two co-authors over the weekend: Long Burnam (D-Fort Worth) and Elliot Naishtat (D-Austin). The bill now has a bipartisan selection of five authors and five co-authors, but we need the support of as many House members as possible so keep those e-mails and phone calls coming.

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