Friday, May 13, 2011

ACTION ALERT: HIV Medication Assistance Funding at Risk

From Texas HIV/AIDS Coalition, this takes about 30 seconds:

Discussions have already begun on what will and will not be funded this Texas legislative session. It is IMPERATIVE that you fax the conference committee members and ask them to please fully fund the $19.2 million needed for the Texas HIV Medication Program.

  • The THMP needs $19.2 million over the next two years in order to sustain the program without changing eligibility requirements for incoming applicants.

  • The House budget bill DOES NOT include the $19.2 million

  • The Senate budget bill DOES include the $19.2 million

CLICK HERE to send a fax to the 5 Representatives and 5 Senators who will decide the future of the THMP!

FORWARD this alert along to your family and friends! Contact with any questions. Thank you for your continued action!

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