Monday, May 23, 2011

Anti Bullying "Super" Bill HB 1942 Passes Senate

In an unanimous vote the Texas Senate has passed HB 1942, the anti-bullying "super" bill crafted by the House Public Education Committee. The bill must now go back to the House for concurrence before traveling to the Governor's desk. The Governor has 30 days to either sign or veto the bill. If he does not sign it the bill becomes law anyway. If he vetoes the bill he can be overruled by the legislature but since he has 30 days to make a decision he can simply wait until the legislative session ends next Monday if he wants his veto to stick. Since the Legislature can only overrule a veto when they are in session there is no way for them to act on a veto that occurs after the last day.

There has been no indication by the Governor's office that he intends to veto the bill.

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