Friday, April 23, 2010

Gilbert Blasts Staples Over Involvement In Dallas Gay Divorce Case

The Democratic nominee for Agriculture Commissioner has come out swinging against the incumbent, Todd Staples, for meddling in the Dallas Gay Divorce Case.

“While Todd Staples worries about gay marriage, Texas food security is at stake. When Texas produces less crops, that means we have to import them from other states or even other countries,” Gilbert noted. “Staples needs to be doing something about shrinking agricultural production and what that means for food safety, not filing briefs in a bunch of lawsuits that don’t involve him or his department,” he continued. “Finally, there’s the basic issue of human decency. It’s time Todd Staples stop bashing LGBT Texans. Todd’s already been a critical player in denying equality to LGBT Texans, why continue to demonize them?”

I’ve been a fan of Gilbert’s since he was running for Governor and put a comprehensive statement of LGBT issues (Something current Dem Nominee Bill White has refused to do). Agriculture Commissioner is one of those statewide elected offices that most Texans have no idea what it does so they either vote the party line or don’t vote in the race. Gilbert is one of those rare opportunities to vote FOR someone, and not just against the other guy or for a party.

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