Friday, March 25, 2016

A Good Friday Prayer

For those who hear of Christ crying out for water on the cross, who cannot see Christ in the children of Flint, we pray.

For our leaders who hear the story of Pilot convicting Christ for the sake political expediency, who cannot see Christ in a generation of young people felled by tough on crime policy, we pray.

For creation, beaten for the sake of humanity's selfishness, flesh torn to serve our greed, forced to bear the burden of its own destruction, and for those that cannot see Christ in in the firmament, the land or the sea, we pray.

For ourselves, when we see ourselves in Simeon, in Veronica, in the multitudes crying 'Hosanna,' but never in the throng hissing 'crucify' through clinched teeth, never in the majority benefiting from the cruelty of those with power, we pray.

For the church, tonight a widow, and for those who look upon the dispossessed, the grieving, the ill in body or mind, the cast-out and cannot see Christ's beloved, we pray.

For those who see the anguish of Sybrina Fulton, of Lesley McSpadden, of Maria Hamilton, Gwen Carr and Tressa Sherrod and cannot see Mary, the mother of Christ, beside the cross - her son killed by a government more concerned with order than justice, we pray.

For all the ways we have denied Christ by denying Christ's presence in every person we meet, not three times, not three times three times, not three nine times over but in a countless unceasing denial like the crowing of all earth's fowl across all time, a restless din of conviction and remembrance, for that - on this darkest of nights when humanity glimpses but for a moment the specter of a world absent your presence - for that - we pray forgiveness - Amen.

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