Friday, March 27, 2015

Texas House State Affairs Committee Hearing on HB 1745 - 3-25-15

In 2015, the Travis County Clerk complied with a court order to issue a marriage license to a loving lesbian couple who have been together for 30 years and, experiencing health concerns, petitioned the court fearing they might not see the day when a federal court found Texas’ prohibition on the freedom to marry unconstitutional. In response, HB 1745 seeks to remove the power to issue marriage licenses from locally elected county clerks and place it with the Secretary of State, who is appointed. This would allow the Secretary of State to disallow the issuance of marriage licenses in counties whose clerks complied with court orders requiring the issuance of licenses.

• 67% of Texas voters believe that there should be some form or legal recognition for same-gender couples.
• Providing the freedom to marry would generate $14,799,292 in sales tax revenue to the State of Texas over the first three years of legalization.
• The 2010 U.S. Census reported 46,401 same sex couples in Texas, 20% of which are raising children.
• More Texans support the freedom to marry (48%) than oppose (47%).
• HB 1745 would cost Texas taxpayers $1,450,919 in the first year of implementation and an additional $1,005,863 every year after that in administrative cost alone . This estimate does not include legal costs associated with defending the law in court.

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