Friday, February 13, 2015

Legislative Update: My job is SOOOOOOOO Hard

This week in your Legislative Update: Daniel's job is sooooo hard... and Sen Whitmire files legislation to ensure that LGBT teen sweethearts are treated the same as their heterosexual peers.

There are one-hundred and eight days to go in the Legislative Session and we are pressing ahead full steam!

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Thank you for your support! Together, we are Building a State of Equality in Texas.


Daniel: I’m Daniel with Equality Texas and it’s Feb 13th – the 32nd day of the 84th Texas Legislature’s regular legislative session.
My job is Sooooooo hard. I have to go into the offices of lawmakers… I have to talk to them about issues affecting the LGBT community… I have to…
Ash: (standing up and walking into frame) Wait – What are you telling them?
Daniel: Nothing – nothing – go back to work…
Drew: (joining Ash) Are you trying to make them think you have it hard? Folks – don’t listen to him…
Daniel: people – our Equality Texas Legislative Fellows Ash Hall and Drew Martineau.
Ash: Here’s the deal - we’ve been here a month now, and let me tell you – walking into a legislative office and telling your story isn’t hard.
Drew: You go in – you tell them how you and the people you love are affected by the law.
Ash: It’s not about trying to convince anyone else – it’s about standing witness. Most of the people who work in the capitol are good hearted people who generally want to serve their state.
Drew: but most of them have never had an opportunity to think about issues like people losing their job because of their gender identity or expression or their sexual orientation…
Ash: an issue I’m working on this session… or no one has ever told them that the law treats teenage sweethearts in same-gender relationships differently than opposite-gender couples…
Drew: an issue I’m working on.
Daniel: yeah, but don’t you have to be an expert? Like with lots of facts and figures at your fingertips?
Arsenio: (standing up and joining the group) don’t listen to him – the most compelling stories are the personal stories of how you or the people you love are affected by these laws?
Daniel: Equality Texas’ Legislative Intern Arsenio Brown.
Arsenio: The facts and figures might be helpful – but what moves lawmakers most is the stories of everyday Texans.
Daniel: So what should people do about it? How can they tell their story to their lawmakers?
Drew: Well you can come to Equality Texas Family Advocacy Day at the Capitol on March 23 – which I’m helping to plan
Ash: or you can come to Equality Texas Freedom day at the Capitol on April 13th – which I’m helping to plan
Arsenio: you can also use the Equality Texas Action Center each week to contact your lawmakers.
Daniel: We’ll put the link in the episode notes!
Drew: If you’re in Houston’s Senate District 15 you can call your Senator John Whitmire and thank him for filing SB 492 to equalize the Romeo and Juliet defense this week.
Arsenio: His number is 713-864-8701
Ash: and next Tuesday – look for a virtual advocacy day component on social media. We’ve got over 100 people of faith who’ll be meeting with offices and you can help by calling and e-mailing while they’re there.
Daniel: So until next week…
Drew: Until next week I’m Drew,
Ash: Ash
Arsenio: Arsenio
Daniel: and Daniel with Equality Texas

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