Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Houston Same-Sex Couple Sues after being kicked out of cab

A Houston Same-Sex couple is suing Yellow Cab after being kicked out of a cab, they allege, for being gay. Details HERE.

So, if HERO was in effect, how would this have been handled:

1. The couple would file a complaint with the office of inspector general.

2. The OIG would inform Yellow Cab of the complaint and give them the opportunity to respond.

3. If the OIG felt the complaint was meritorious the OIG would schedule a meeting with the couple and representatives from Yellow Cab, likely including the cabby, to sit down and discuss the incident. Maybe, as Yellow Cab is claiming, the cabby just doesn't like kissing in his cab and Yellow Cab would adjust their rules with their contractors about how to address this well, perhaps instituting required diversity training. Hopefully the entire issue could be resolved and that would be the end of the investigation.

4. If mediation did not work, the OIG would refer the complaint to the City Attorney.

5. If the City Attorney felt the case was meritorious they would pursue the case in Municipal court.

6. If the Municipal Court Judge, upon hearing all arguments in the case, found that Yellow Cab and/or the cab driver (who appears to be an independent contractor) violated the public accommodations portion of HERO the court could issue a fine of up to $500.

Instead, we're left with people bickering in the press.

We need a ‪#‎HERO‬

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